Zune 2 Announcement!!

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Design & Development chief J Allard hosted an event in Redmond on October 2, 2007 at midnight or October 3, 2007 for some of us, to present the hard disk and flash memory Zune 2.0 player. Betanews estimates about 2.4 million new Zunes to be manufactured during the 2007 holiday season and is expected to be released in the beginning of November. In addition, a new Zune Community site will be announced shortly. The new Zune would be thinner and will have more capacity. The flash players will measure 3-inches by 1.25-inches and are said to look much like the iPod Nano. The new Zune will be video capable, possibly include Wi-Fi and higher storage than it’s competing products. Also, Microsoft will most likely release firmware version 2.1 with the new Zunes per Engadget.


Image taken from: http://www.zune-online.com/news/zune/the-first-real-zune-2-photos.html