Zune Social

Informations from ZuneInsider:

  • ZuneSocial.net is the new online community beta you have been hearing about.  It is a place for music lovers to share their music tastes, knowledge, and experiences with other Zune owners.
  • Zune card:  anyone will be able to create a free, and customizable Zune card.  In other words, you can personalize your card with pictures, custom backgrounds, and other info.  Your card will automatically update with the music you listen to on your Zune.
  • It will allow you to browse your friend’s pages and post or recieve comments like a Myspace.
  • You can browse your favorite artist’s pages to find other listeners with the same musical tastes.
  • Each song within the Zune Social will have a playable 30 second clip, and you can buy the song with your Microsoft points or with your Zune pass if you like.

Check out this new online community at ZuneSocial.net