ZuneSocial Required Barcode

Most, if not all of the Zune fans, including myself may be wondering about the new online community ZuneSocial registration issue.  I have tried to register at the site myself and of course, like most of you, I didn’t have a barcode or didn’t know what to put in.  So I emailed Microsoft press and support to inquire about the website and the required barcode.  She told me that the website is not yet live and isn’t expected to be live until mid November which is about the same time the Zune 2 will be available.  The exact and confirmed date for the Zune 2 availability is November 13th.  She also explained that once the website goes live, it will not ask for a barcode.  That info is for the Microsoft techs who are working on the website right now.  That’s all for the barcode question.  Hope it helps!