Apple iPod Vs Microsoft Zune

The Apple iPod is under attack from a shark called Microsoft. Recently the upgraded Zune player and an approach that targets social networking sites are Microsoft’s new weapons agains the Apple iPod. Microsoft is hitting Apple where it hurts the most. People are puzzled about the hardware and subscription service of the Zune, but Microsoft’s new aim is to be be with their users all their time.

In order to further this strategy, Microsoft has taken over Facebook and other technology companies important to their strategy. The Zune is now marketed by cell phone carriers and the smart card includes the music widget concept.

According to Susan Kevorkian, an analyst, The new Zune capabilities give Microsoft a very good fighting chance against Apple. This is the same strategy Microsoft successfully used to to win over the desktop market.

On the other hand Apple is still sticking to old world tactics. No iTunes widgets are available in the popular social networks.

The first Zunes had a wiresless sharing feature but did not provide any avenues to connect with other users. Microsoft is putting the ‘social’ back into the Zune.

Microsoft has recently acquired Avenue A – Razorfish. This move is meant to boost the Zune brand image. Both Zune owners and cellphone carriers should be happy with this move.