How the Microsoft Zune Scores Over The Apple iPod and Vice Versa

My last post saw strong opinionated comments from iPodders. You are welcome. However just to set the record straight, I would like to mention the ways in which the Zune is superior to the iPod and vice versa.

The iPod is not set up to support subscription music services. The Zune scores in this department. The iPod can only be used to play music that is bought or stolen. With the Zune on the other hand you have access to a huge music library with the Zune Pass. With the Zune Pass you can save hundreds of dollars on music.

The Apple iPod has its own advantages as well. With an iPod you can browse the web, buy music and watch videos on YouTube. All this is not possible on the Zune. That gives some fuel to Apple lovers and Microsoft bashers.

MS is trying to crush Apple in the same way the browser wars were fought and one. This time it appears to be facing tougher competition, though.

There are still some unanswered questions in my mind though. How reliable is the Zune Pass at handling subscription downloads? Is the Zune’s synching good and can it do so with more than one computer? How does one get MP3’s from the Zune marketplace if not by the Zune Pass? Will competing subscription music work with the Zune? Can the subscription music be loaded onto the Zune directly?

I leave you with this information and some questions that you might like to answer.