Microsoft Zune 80GB – Problems of a Different Kind

Microsoft has a different kind of problem for its 80GB Zune. Normally companies have problems selling their products. Microsoft’s problem is simply that they do not have enough Zune players to match the demand. The Zune was sold out in retail stores as well as online soon after it’s launch on November 13th.

This kind of demand was not something that was expected by Microsoft. As a result of this, their efforts were concentrated on manufacturing the Zune 4GB and 8GB models which are flash based.

Based on company forecasts, Microsoft concentrated on producing as many of the flash based Zune 4 and Zune 8. This was the reason they did not concentrate on the new 80 GB Zune. For your information, the flash based Zune devices are in direct competition with the iPod Nano and other such MP3 players.

However in response to the high demand for the 80 GB Zune devices, the production has been stepped up. The 80 GB Zune is popular for many reasons. It features great sound quality, wireless synching, a nice touch control and affordability.

According to the company, in a little over a week retail stores will be stocked with the new Zune. They should be there well in time for Christmas shoppers.