The New Microsoft Zune Players: Now Here’s a Player!

The new wireless syncing Zunes are something else. They are portable and have a new touch control along with some clever updates.After quite a good deal of effort the dudes from Microsoft have created a great player that is portable. In many respects it rivals Apple’s Click Wheel.

Both the 80 GB Zune and the 8 GB flash based Zune feature good sound quality and nice features. The striking features of the new Zune are the software and the new Zune Marketplace.

One special thing about the Zune Social is the Zune tag which you will have the opportunity to create if you plug in the Zune with new software. What it does is it collects and shares information about what music you share with friends.

If you click a Zune Tag online, you will be able to see a list of a persons favorite songs. By clicking on an album or artist, you will be able to see which members have favorited it. It is a parallel in the tradition of the social internet to sites like Digg and

The software is visually appealing. However there are some downsides to the new Zune. You can’t create dynamic smart playlists. You can’t check for missing album art manually.

All in all a good interface as well as good online features, but a lack of management and creation options for what should be an online music library.