Zune Battery Tips

No matter how you use your Zune player, the battery will eventually die down and you will need to charge it in order for you to keep on enjoying listening to your favorite music as well as watch your favorite videos.

Basically, if you watch videos, the Zune player’s batteries will be able to last about 4 hours. For most people, this is quite inconvenient as you will need to charge it every now and then.

So, here are some tips on how you can make your Zune battery last longer and enjoy it more without having to charge it often.

The first tip is to update your Zune firmware. You have to remember that your default Zune firmware will have power management features. However, when you update the firmware, you will see that the power management features will be a lot better and will give you a chance to manage the power of your Zune effectively than ever before.

The second tip is to use the Play All option or you can use the Shuffle All option. You have to remember that playing the song one by one and constantly browsing for the next song you want to play will drain your battery a lot faster. Always remember that the less interaction with the Zune, the longer the battery will last.

Reducing the backlight brightness and by reducing the automatic backlight timer to 1 or 5 seconds will use up less power. By keeping the backlight set to Always On will drain the battery a lot faster than you think.

Lastly, try to turn off the wireless settings when you don’t use it. This feature in the Zune player consumes a lot of power and keeping it turned on will consume your Zune battery a lot faster than you think.

These are some of the tips and tricks on how you can reduce power consumption in your Zune and make your Zune battery last longer.