Zune for Microsoft – A Good Problem to Have?

Microsoft is facing a similar problem with the Zune as Nintendo faced with the Wii a short while back. They are flying off the shelves faster than they can be made. The 80 GB Zune was not expected to be out of stock so fast. That was the reason Microsoft was focusing on the Flash based Zune players. The result is this – you will be lucky to get a Zune immediately from a retailer.

Microsoft is making an effort to correct this problem in a little over a week. Contrast this situation to the initial Zunes – people just did not want them. On Black Friday the Zunes (80 and 30 GB) were the second fastest to be sold on the internet. The fastest was the Nintendo Wii.
Among other top sellers were TomTom ONE, Maestro 3100, Guitar Hero III, Microsofts Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition and Canon Cameras. However, before we declare the Zune as a big hit, we need numbers from Amazon, Apple’s owns store and other individual company stores.

About $272 million was spent online on Thanksgiving Day in the United States and $531 million around the word. Offline spending on Black Friday was estimated to be about 20 billion dollars.