Zune Update and Some Zune Humor

On Nov 13 2007, the new 80 gb Zune is to be released. In addition, on this day the flash based 4 and 8 gb models are to be released as well. That’s not all old Zunes will be upgraded to new Zune features through a firmware update. The new features are based on user feedback.

The new features include an all new Zune Marketplace, music, pictures and video sharing through the Zune Social and Wireless Sync.

I have other good news for you. The Brown Zune is being sold for $99 only through Amazon.com and J&R. It gets better. Amazon may offer the brown Zune for just $89.99 shipping November 19. This is a great offer since other 30 gb Zunes sell for $149.99.

Now I have some humor for you. If you meet someone who introduces himself as Mr. Microsoft Zune, don’t be surprised.

Apparently this dude who is a Zune maniac got himself 3 Zune tattoos some time back. This was not enough. Now he is changing his legal name to Microsoft Zune. You can stay in touch with this story since the man in question wants to document his change of name. Wonder what Mr. Gates and the guys at Microsoft think of this one!