Zune Arts Videos All The Rage

Microsoft has been a laggard at selling the Zune well in the past. All that has changed with a new and surprisingly fresh campaign that sells the Zune using indie tunes and animation. People are talking about this new, fresh move from Microsoft online.

At http://www.zune-arts.net you will find many experimental videos from a number of artists. This kind of fantastic art that is being churned out has viral potential according to some.

This Zune Arts campaign is a soft sell and aims at eliciting a response from tech savvy, hip people. This is the very people who made the iPod what it is today – a cultural icon. The Zune is now churning out the kind of advertising that aims to see the Zune shoulder to shoulder with the iPod.

Microsoft pays for the creation of these clips. They revolve around the concept of sharing which distinguishes the Zune from the iPod and other digital media players. Music and video are best enjoyed with friends and the social features of the Zune are what sets it apart.

Whether the new buzz that is being created around the Zune will be able to stand up to Apple’s deafening advertising remains to be seen. As a person who has seen the new Zune Arts I think it is a fantastic idea.