Zune Diagnostic Tool Now Available

Microsoft Zune’s wireless sync connection has been a bit of a problem to some. Now there is a solution. The Zune diagnostic tool is now available. USB and wireless sync data can now be gathered to detect problems with the MS Zune player.

To operate the Zune diagnostic tool, run the ZuneDevices.exe tool from the software of the Zune. Then connect the device to the Zune and the software will automatically display problems. If you use a wireless connection, there will be a display “connecting to your PC” for one or two minutes. Then the problems will be displayed on settings-wireless-sync now. For USB connections, the Zune shows under portable devices in the device manager.

With continual improvements to the Zune player since the first launch of the Zune, it has changed its image from that of a Plastic Brick to a player that outsold the iPod on Amazon recently. The new diagnostic tool is just the latest in a string of improvements to the Zune.

If you want a copy of the report text this is possible with the new diagnostic tool as well. All you have to do is click on the report tab and then choose “save as”. This file can then be sent to Microsoft for analysis.