Zune FM Transmitters: Sharing Your Music via Radio

Imagine going on a long road trip with your family and friends on 2 or even 3 cars. You suddenly noticed that the radio signal in the area you’re driving doesn’t exist anymore or only provides very low quality audio.

Surely, after long hours of driving, the music in the radio will definitely help to ease boredom and get you going to the next stop.

So, in order to keep entertaining your fellow drivers who is following you in the other cars is by sharing your music with them that is stored in your Zune. However, what if your friends in the other cars don’t have any Zune player?

Today, you will see that an add-on device will be able to help you share the music in your Zune player even when they are in another car.

With the Zune FM transmitter, you will be able to make your Zune transmit an open FM channel. What all the other cars need to do is to tune in to the FM channel your Zune FM transmitter is on and they will be able to hear the music you are playing in your Zune.

The Zune FM transmitter is part of the Zune Car Pack.

With it, you will be able to plug it in your Zune, tune in to the FM channel it is using and you and other FM receivers nearby will be able to listen to the music that your Zune is playing.

There are a lot more ways to enjoy this device other than driving in the car. For example, if you go out camping in the mountains where FM channels are not available, you can easily hook the FM transmitter to your Zune and tune in your portable radio to that channel and let everyone enjoy the music you are playing.