Zune – From Microsofts Mistakes to Microsofts Success

Microsoft needs to be highly commended at the job they have done with the new Zunes. When the first Zunes came out they were nothing more than an ugly unstreamlined plastic brick that doubled up as a music player. Now that story has changed.

The new Zunes are 4gb and 8gb and based of Flash. There is also an 80 gb Zune classic. The new Zunes are red hot sexy and great looking. The five way rocker switch control has given way to a touchpad that you can scroll and set volume by sliding your finger across it.
The new Zunes wirelessly sync with your PC. They are easy to setup. From a model that did not support RSS and podcasts to Zunes that do, Microsoft has come a long way with it’s new player, learning well from it’s mistakes.

The desktop software of the new Zune is still as good as the earlier one. The Zune store offers DRM free MP3 files for sale and by paying a monthly fee, you can download loads of music. All the music out there is not available, but much of it is. The Zune premium earbuds are great too.

Microsoft has turned the Zune from a big mistake to a big success. Guess everyone benefits in the long run. Competition churns out better players and the customer gets what he wants. Here’s to eardrum food!