Golla To Partner With Zune For Accessories

Golla is now in partnership wiht Zune. This was announced at CES 2008. Golla will be a licenced partner of Microsoft for producing 3rd party accessories for Microsoft’s didital media player. Golla specializes in trendy bags for portable electronics and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

A special bag collection has been designed by Golla around the Zune with a number of different designs for different models. According to Scott Erickson from Zune, this is an exciting partnership for Zune. Golla sets trends in the area of fashionable bags for consumer electronics. Zune customers are likely to be pleased with the new options on the table.

In addition, Golla’s main 2008 collection will be launched at CES. This year they are launching a complete range of bags. There are 6 product categories this year including 2 new ones.

Golla has always been one of the trendier producers of bags for consumer electronics. With a range of colors, prints and great quality products, Golla is successfully operating in more than 100 countries. People at Golla feel the market for fashionable, colorful, funky bags is huge and represents a great opportunity.