Zune Among Additions to Pyrix Entertainment Channels

Zune downloads is among the additions to three Pyrix channels – Docupyx, Urbanchillers and ComedyPop. The other additions were PSP movies, iPod video and 3gpfiles. Pyrix, at CES announced that it had developed new capabilities allowing it to deliver content to the Zune as well as the iPod, Playstation and 3gp smart phones. This is part of Pyrix’ drive to connect artists to audience.

Now Zune downloads can be downloaded to portable players. The same applies to PSP movies and iPod video. In addition 3gp files can be downloaded to smart phones. According to PYrix CEO Amit Tripathi, they are making it possible for artists to share content directly with audiences using mobile technology.

Broadband technology that allows viewing videos on PC’s is supported by Pyrix. In addition, content for TV, DVD’s and film are also produced by Pyrix. Tripathi said that both mobile phones as well as portable devices were being used for playing games, network and view media.

Pyrix’ moves are being made to benefit both artist and audience. Urbanchillers.com is now allowing downloading of video files to the Zune. This can be done via subscription to the RSS stream. The other Pyrix channels are developing this capability as well.