Zune Hits Jump 3 Times This Christmas

Hits on www.zune.net saw a drastic increase this year as compared to last year. Chrismas 2007 saw  a 299 percent increase in hits to the Zune website when compared with Christmas Day 2006. Most users visited the site to sign up to the website and for downloading software.

Although traffic grew significantly iTunes stayed the largest download site with 6 times more market share than the Zune site. The market share of Zune.net saw a 392 percent increase on Christmas compared to the previous day and the market share of www.apple.com/itunes saw a 339 percent jump on Christmas day compared to the previous day.

The apple store website ranked ninth in the Hitwise retail index on Christmas Day 2007. The most talked about gift during the holiday season was the Nintendo Wii owing partly due to its unavailability in stores. However the Zune and iPods were very popular as well.

The reason for the stellar performance of the Zune this year as compared to last year is perhaps a completely redesigned look as well as discounts on older models. Meanwhile iPods are as popular as ever and new debate has been sparked as to which is the best player.