Zune In Canada Spring 2008

As the competition between Zune and iPod intensifies, the Zune is being made available in Canada, this spring. In the United States the Zune is readily available and sells for between $149 and $249. The new redesigned Zune is selling better than ever before.

In case you are wondering whether you should buy the Zune or the iPod, Microsoft Zune’s director Jason Reindorp has a few answers. The Zune has different features from the iPod according to him that distinguish the Zune.

The Zune can send songs wirelessly. Songs can be beamed back and forth and pictures can be beamed as well. The picture on the home screen can be changed. One issue with the Zune is that you need to buy from the Zune marketplace. iTunes does not service the MS Zune and this device requires Zune software.

The Zune has a large screen and an FM tuner as well. Wireless syncing over your home wireless network is possible which makes the Zune very convenient. In addition the Zune social feature allows you to connect with the online community.

Physically the Zune is beautiful with a matte finish that makes you carefree about fingerprinting. You can also customize the looks of your Zune. You can engrave designs on it, add personal text or a hard copy of art work. Zune is working with 18 artists around the world for custom designs. The screen of the Zune can be easily changed.