Home Theatre Hub @ $19.99 For Zune Owners

If you are a Zune owner and looking for a home theater system, you are in luck. You can now get a Zune Home AV Kit for just $19.99. This offer is available via Buy.com. This is a fantastic offer and the reason is that in a purely financial sense, this is about one fifth of the price of similar offers elsewhere. At many big-box stores, Circuit City, for instance you can still buy the Zune Home AV Kit for a price of $99.99.

Now let me tell you what this kit does. Both first generation and second generation Zunes can be connected to your reciever/TV. Once this is done it can be controlled long distance with the remote that is included. This gives your great stereo the ability to play your Zune music library. You can also use your big screen TV to watch videos with a resolution of 640×480.

There is an AC powered Zune dock through which your Zune gets charged continually. Included in the kit is an extra sync cable for use on a nearby PC. The Zune is continually offering something new, and I am glad I have bought mine. The only disappointment is the absence of movie and TV downloads from the Zune Marketplace. You have to pay extra for the shipping of this AV kit, which is completely new BTW.