Zune Causes Hearing Problems To Man Who May Now Sue Microsoft

“I received an electric shock through the earbuds of my Microsoft Zune. Simultaneously, the Zune emitted a very loud noise through the earbuds and the device began to reset…Since the incident, I’ve suffered blood and fluid leakage from my ear canal, a temporary threshold shift, and incessant ringing and discomfort”

The above are the words of a Zune user who is suing Microsoft for ear damage. It seems iPods aren’t the only ones who are amidst the lawsuits. The Zune in the tradition of the iPod has a lawsuit of its own now. This incident dates back to November 2006 when Joel Geddis’ Zune went beserk on him. The amount of damages sought by Geddis is unknown. However word is out that his lawyers want to make this a class action case and are on the lookout for victims of Zune malfunction.

According to Geddis, a Microsoft employee admitted that similar complaints from other Zune users had come up. This was denied by Microsoft who allegedly sent letters to Geddis asking him to cease and desist from creating a furore over this in the Zune forum. In addition his membership to the forum was revoked according to Geddis.

This is a serious issue that has cropped up in the Zune. Similar problems have been reported with the iPod as well. If you hear buzzing, hissing or static from your earbuds, do not use the music player until you find out the source of the problem. If necessary use an older version of the firmware and see if it solves the problem.