Why You Should Be Wary Of Free Downloads

After you buy your Zune, you need to fill er up with music. Now music is substantially cheaper than gas these days, but it is still expensive. It could cost you $0.99 per music download. However, for some there is another way out.

Some people like to download free music movies, videos and games. There are also free sites that offer these downloads. However you should know what you risk when you download from such sites.

One major risk is that your computer is exposed to harmful software like worms, trojans, adware, spyware etc. Free downloads often have issues like this. Your computer can get infected and you might have to format it to get working again. If you are really unlucky, your private data can be revealed by the spyware as well, things like passwords and such.

In addition download speeds for free sites are very limited. This is because of the large number of people accessing these free sites. Although you may not spend money, you end up spending far more time on free downloads.

Often if happens that you spend a great deal of time downloading the latest Zune movie and finally you get an error message that the file is incomplete or corrupted. These are the things you should be wary of when downloading free music for your Zune