Windows Mobile and Zune To Be Converged

A Zune phone is not likely in the near future. Still Microsoft is looking for a closer integration between the Zune and Windows Mobile phones. In fact Microsoft is looking for feedback from users on ways to better converge the two. An open question was asked on the Windows Mobile blog about how to achieve better convergence between the Windows Mobile and Zune.

More that 50 commentators have come up with suggestions. A common thread among many suggestions is that WMV on the Windows Mobile Devices should be removed and the Zune software should be installed instead. Another suggestion was creating a media player that works on both devices.

The Windows Media Player cannot read Zune playlist and so new playlists have to be created. Zune downloads cannot be transferred to The Windows Mobile Device due to DRM restrictions. These are some of the complaints resulting from a lack of synergy between the two devices.

However Zune phone rumors are just that, rumors. Making a Zune phone would mean that Microsoft would compete with its phone hardware partners. Just as there is no Microsoft PC, there is no major likelyhood of a Zune phone. Microsoft is looking to gear Zune phones towards consumers and not just business users.

Meanwhile Microsoft recently announced that it is planning to buy Danger, which develops mobile phone software.