Zune Mistaken

Eric found a great deal on a refurbished Zune. After placing an order on overstockdealz.com he received his package after a few days. In it was a $8 Zune cable. The following is from a letter he wrote.

He says that he placed an order fro a 30 gb Zune as a gift for his wife. After a few days when the package showed up he had only the sync cable for the Zune in it which is worth just $7.99.

After he called the website he could only reach voicemail. Their online form which cannot fit in more that three sentences was then used as a medium to contact them. After calling back many times and leaving messages, he was able to speak to someone twice. After this person who was in sales “transferred” Eric to customer service he was sent to another voicemail box.

At another instance he talked to “Curt”. After apologizing about his inability to do anything, he said their customer service was very busy. Calling their corporate number was another big hassle. Although a chargeback is possible, since overstockdealz.com charges the lowest price he wants to recieve the item instead.