Zune Videos: What Should You Watch on your Zune?

We here at WiredZune.com frequently get asked by new Zune users what type of video they can get to play on their Zune.

The truth is there are not many good Zune movie download sites out there right now. Quite frankly, there are a lot of scams. You should beware of any site claiming free unlimited downloads of movies to your Zune for a fixed monthly fee. These sites typcially are just selling you information on how to access free file sharing sites and download movies. This can be dangerous for you so proceed with caution.

Probably the best way to enjoy movies on your Zune is to download a Zune movie converter program and convert movies you download in iTunes to Zune format or convert your own videos and DVDs to Zune’s format.

There are a number of options out there. Some of these programs are free (open source) while others cost $30 to $40 USD. The free ones sometimes are not as user friendly as the others, but are defintely worth checking out.