TV Shows Now Part Of Zune Marketplace

The Zune Marketplace now has TV shows as download-to-own items. Approximately 800 TV episodes are available for download. These include latest episodes from NBC’s Heroes, 30 Rock, Comedy Standup as well as other popular shows. MTV, Turner Broadcasting and Starz Media are also partners in this venture. The cost of an episode is 160 Microsoft Points which works out to approximately $1.99.

You can watch shows on a computer or a Zune. Features on the Zune as well as PC software are improved due to a software update. The selection of music videos available is increased with the 2nd generation Zune launch. Music tracks, some of which are DRM free, albums as well as podcasts are also available through the portal.

Microsoft is flexible about pricing and bundling of episodes. In addition it is also working on an anti piracy filter in tandem with NBCU. This will enable it to detect and deny playback of illegal content via checking of content tags. Our opinion is that the pricing is competitive.