Zune Phone Rumors again!

What would the world be like if we did not have rumors fuelling the daily gossip? And gossip that never seems to die down at that! Once again it’s the same story all over again with the tech world abuzz with rumors of a to-be-launched-soon Zune phone.

 Two major reasons being cited for this Zune phone chatter are the huge success of Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s recent purchase of Danger, the software company who created the Sidekick’s OS. Adding fuel to the fire is a recent memo from Steve Ballmer (MS Boss!) to his company staff that seems to be hinting at the possibility of such a device. Ballmer in the memo said that MS aims to change the way it works with hardware vendors in order to ensure that the consumers get a complete experience with no compromises. He added that even with phones, they aim to provide choice to the consumer.
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Latest Spots for Zune by Nervo!

Nando Costa’s much popular offshoot; Nervo (the animation and design studio) has recently come out with six animated films. These are a part of the branding package for Microsoft’s Zune Creative campaign which includes its portable video and music player. The people at Nervo stated that these videos will be use intensively at Zune’s promotional events and even marketing projects.

Nervo was very happy with the creative freedom they got from the Zune Creative team. The company officials said that since the brief of the project was quiet open, it allowed them to venture forth and explore a variety of animation techniques and a more subjective concept. They even had full freedom to use the sound and music effects of their choice which was a great relief. Creativity definitely works best under no pressure! Read the rest of this entry »

iHome gives Zune its First Clock Radio!

Zune users need not feel jealous of iPod users with their wide range of accessories any more. The leading provider of novel speaker solutions,iHome has come up with the first of its kind range of speaker systems designed especially for the Zune digital media player. The ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock Radio is an opponent to similar systems built for the iPod.

 Featuring great sound and an array of features, the ZN9 Dual-Alarm Clock Radio defines the iHomes’ wide product catalogue perfectly. This first-ever clock radio designed exclusively for the Zune allows users to slowly fall asleep or wake up to their desired music that is stored on their Zune or even that on the radio or buzzer. The clock allows you to set separate weekend and weekday alarm times. The extra-large LCD display has a back light with a dimmer so as not to strain tired eyes. The ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock manages to deliver unparalleled clarity and depth because of its special Reson8(TM) speaker chambers. Read the rest of this entry »

Accessorizing your Zune!

There are a lot of things that you can love about the Zune but the feeling of being a lone vegetarian in a steakhouse is what might describe a Zune owner’s dilemma when shopping for Zune accessories. But despair not loyal Zune-sters. There is a wide range of good to bad Zune accessories available in the market thanks to most manufacturers who are busy chasing the iPod. 

 The most in-demand MP3 player accessories are in-car FM transmitters and speaker docks. In this category, Microsoft’s Home audio-visual Kit made for the Zune is a good buy. It comes with a portable USB wall charger, a remote control and a charging dock with both composite and component video outputs. If you are fond of using the Zune’s wireless sync feature, then the charging docks which include speaker docks are a great option. The synching is atomically triggered on as soon as you dock your Zune. Topping the list in this department is the iHome ZN9 Zune alarm clock that is a strong contender for iPod’s best offering.  Read the rest of this entry »

“Song Squirting” New Age Zune

So just what is Song Squirting? Simple, it is the latest new age technology offered by the Zune. How it works is like this – it allows you to transfer songs wirelessly to nearby Zunes.  Song Squirting is the sole application of the wireless connectivity offered by the Zune.  iPod maniacs – you don’t get this on your machine, so if Song Squirting is something you want, get a Zune!

Let me expand a little more on the amazing feature of my favorite device. Song Squirting is tune sharing with a difference.  The Zune’s built in wi-fi alerts you of every other Zune in a thirty feet radius. To every Zune nearby, you can send a photo, podcast or song in just 10-15 seconds. This is Squirting.

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