Accessorizing your Zune!

There are a lot of things that you can love about the Zune but the feeling of being a lone vegetarian in a steakhouse is what might describe a Zune owner’s dilemma when shopping for Zune accessories. But despair not loyal Zune-sters. There is a wide range of good to bad Zune accessories available in the market thanks to most manufacturers who are busy chasing the iPod. 

 The most in-demand MP3 player accessories are in-car FM transmitters and speaker docks. In this category, Microsoft’s Home audio-visual Kit made for the Zune is a good buy. It comes with a portable USB wall charger, a remote control and a charging dock with both composite and component video outputs. If you are fond of using the Zune’s wireless sync feature, then the charging docks which include speaker docks are a great option. The synching is atomically triggered on as soon as you dock your Zune. Topping the list in this department is the iHome ZN9 Zune alarm clock that is a strong contender for iPod’s best offering. 

Other Zune accessories that you can opt for if money is not an issue include the Microsoft Zune Car Pack(Second Generation), Altec Lansing M604 Portable Speaker System for Zune, Microsoft Zune Home AV Kit, Altec Lansing InMotion iM414 and the VAF Research Octavio 1z Speaker System for Zune.

 So all you Zune loyalists need not feel left out when it comes to sprucing up your beloved Zune.The market caters to all!