Zune Phone Rumors again!

What would the world be like if we did not have rumors fuelling the daily gossip? And gossip that never seems to die down at that! Once again it’s the same story all over again with the tech world abuzz with rumors of a to-be-launched-soon Zune phone.

 Two major reasons being cited for this Zune phone chatter are the huge success of Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s recent purchase of Danger, the software company who created the Sidekick’s OS. Adding fuel to the fire is a recent memo from Steve Ballmer (MS Boss!) to his company staff that seems to be hinting at the possibility of such a device. Ballmer in the memo said that MS aims to change the way it works with hardware vendors in order to ensure that the consumers get a complete experience with no compromises. He added that even with phones, they aim to provide choice to the consumer.

Another source, the jkOnTheRun blog says that it has information from an anonymous reader that Microsoft is working on a Zune phone. Cross-departmental meetings are being held in Redmond. Apparently, the touch screen-based Zune phone shall be based on a variant of the Windows Mobile 7 with functions taken from the Windows Live Services.

 It remains to be seen whether these speculations develop into something concrete. Till then, keep guessing!