120 GB Zune Approved by FCC Before Release

Since the announcement of Samsung’s 12- GB 1.8 inch hard drive in April 2007 there has been a buzz among Zune fans anticipating a new higher capacity Zune. The wait is now almost over. The 120 GB Zune looks like the 80 GB one. The firmware used is version 2.5.

My 80 GB Zune has a lot of empty space and is likely to stay that way, but there are so many music lovers who would love a 120 GB Zune. The iPod Classic comes in 80GB and 160 GB varieties and the gap in between those two is likely to be filled by the Zune.

You could buy Zune music from Amazon, iTunes and such but if you wanted to build a private collection, it would be tough on your wallet since each download costs about $0.99. The free sites offering music also offer malware which could damage your Zune. 

For first timers here is some information. The Zune only supports formats like MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV and WMA. DivX and RM are not supported.

Here’s to the new Zune!