Microsoft Zune on the way to Success!

It is a know fact that Apple’s iPod rules 70 percent of the MP3 player market. With a strong fan base, it was thought next to impossible that someone else would be able to give Apple any competition. However, Microsoft made a brave attempt and has shown itself worthy of competing with the Apple giant’s.

 A Microsoft spokesman described Zune as something that celebrates ‘choice’. The Zune allows you to customize the back of your player using laser etchings; you can put the image of your choice as the background image on your player; you do not require an add on to listen to the radio and you can have access to millions of tracks for the price of one CD a month. That’s a great deal! Zune users can also share the music they listen to with their friends through Zune Social online music community, Facebook and MySpace.

Microsoft has reaffirmed it’s faith in the Zune by squashing rumors that Zune was soon going to be pulled out from store shelves. Microsoft is visibly pleased with the MP3 player’s success. Zune has exceeded all expectations since it was launched twenty months back and occupies the second position in the market among HDD MP3 players.

Although no facts have been revealed as such, the people at Microsoft said that the company is not yet done with the MP3 player market and consumers would do well to keep their attention on Zune.