Zune Latest

It seems the Zune has made one 15 year old rich and happy. Hansup Yoon recently sold ZuneBoards which is an internet forum devoted to the MS Zune. It made him $62,000 richer. Yoon form Fullerton, Calif created the site before the Zune was released in 2006. He said that he was one of the first to create a site on the MS Zune.

In other Zune news, Microsoft gave Zune players to students who gave them research data. Microsoft has a vision of expanding it’s products to schools across the nation. 100 Fort Sumner High School students as well as 25 South Valley Junior High students were given the Zunes. They are to listen to podcasts and watch videos that are recommended to them by teachers and fellow students in the hope that their educational experience will be enhanced.

Due to the wireless syncing abilities of the Zune, students can benefit tremendously. Podcasts can be developed and recorded by teachers and then files can be saved on computers. Students can get podcasts directly from the teacher’s Zune. In addition they can access free podcasts on the Zune Marketplace.

Kathy Richardson, manager in partner marketing, Microsoft said that the program was well received.