Zune Offer: Download From FM

Marrying radio to the Zune a new software update is in the offing for Microsoft’s Zune player. This new update will let Zune users download songs that are played on FM radio channels. Save these songs and listen to them. With this new feature called Buy From FM, Zune users are able to tag songs and buy them – songs they hear on FM radio. This was revealed in a Microsoft announcement on Thursday.

You need a wireless internet connection for the download and while the songs are playing they can be downloaded. Alternatively songs can be marked for download later when the device is connected to the internet through a PC
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Changes in the Zune

It is nice to know that the latest 3.0 software of the Zune allows manual sync capability. This is now a part of Zune desktop software. The Zune has had its share of issues connecting to the home and work PC and thus losing content. Now manual control of the content is possible. When the Zune is connected with a PC, large movies on the PC can be deleted on the PC once it is on your Zune. This helps if the PC has a shortage of hard disk space.


Syncing as well as deletion of music, pictures and videos can be controlled with manual sync mode. For Podcasts, Friends and Channels only automatic sync mode is available. You won’t regret upgrading your Zune to the latest firmware. Read the rest of this entry »

Babies Born Every Day Without iPods Says Zune PR Head

Recently, in an interview, Adam Sohn told NYT that Zune would “get there” since babies were born without iPod’s, daily. The player just holds two percent of the market right now. However, they count on being big in the game soon. The issue is babies don’t have dollars, or pounds – of the currency type. They will take atleast a decade get MP3 player ready.

And that is a while! One reason the Zune is lagging behind in the game is that it hasn’t made any breakthrough innovations apart from Wi-Fi access. Social networking, song identification, FM radio etc has not translated into the sales Zune has wanted. The market is not for babies, of babies of by babies in the MP3 player game.

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What Do You Think Of The Zune Phone?

Apple has it’s iPhone. It is still a fantasy to think of a Zune Phone coz it is not on the way, or so it seems. Adam Huffman from Yanko Designs dreamed up a fantasy Zune Phone. There have been other such pipedreams. Zune’s first attempt at unseating the iPod have been unsuccessful so far and this makes a Zune phone not so likely.


There are a number of reasons you would want to dream about a Zune phone. You could be an Apple hater. You could be a Zune lover. You may want to count down the number of ways the phone will flop in front of the iPhone (Although the iPhone 3G has reported more than it’s share of issues).

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