Babies Born Every Day Without iPods Says Zune PR Head

Recently, in an interview, Adam Sohn told NYT that Zune would “get there” since babies were born without iPod’s, daily. The player just holds two percent of the market right now. However, they count on being big in the game soon. The issue is babies don’t have dollars, or pounds – of the currency type. They will take atleast a decade get MP3 player ready.

And that is a while! One reason the Zune is lagging behind in the game is that it hasn’t made any breakthrough innovations apart from Wi-Fi access. Social networking, song identification, FM radio etc has not translated into the sales Zune has wanted. The market is not for babies, of babies of by babies in the MP3 player game.

Zune has to realize this and give grown ups something that they would be willing to shell out bucks for. Now that is something Sohn has to think about. Hard.