Zune Offer: Download From FM

Marrying radio to the Zune a new software update is in the offing for Microsoft’s Zune player. This new update will let Zune users download songs that are played on FM radio channels. Save these songs and listen to them. With this new feature called Buy From FM, Zune users are able to tag songs and buy them – songs they hear on FM radio. This was revealed in a Microsoft announcement on Thursday.

You need a wireless internet connection for the download and while the songs are playing they can be downloaded. Alternatively songs can be marked for download later when the device is connected to the internet through a PC
Radio Data System and RT+ feeds are embedded in the broadcast which identify songs and let them be purchased by users. The revolutionary decision to integrate the FM tuner with the Zune has been appreciated and Buy From FM is another revolutionary step.

By understanding the type of music preferred by users the Zune Marketplace benefits as well. With the new update two new games have been added to the Zune as well.