Teen Survey On Zune

The Zune has grown in popularity according to the latest survey. This survey conducted twice a year by Piper Jaffray is very positive on the Zune. A year ago the iPod had an 80 percent share with the high school population. Now that share is up to 84 percent. Last year 78 percent said that the music device they intended to buy in the next 12 months was an iPod. This year that figure is 79 percent.

However the Zune has grown in popularity as well more in percentage terms than absolute terms. The Zune’s share of the teen market last year was just 2 percent. This year it is 3 percent. 13 percent of teens said they planned to buy a Zune over the next year in the last survey. This year that figure is 15 percent.
Microsoft is gaining ground in it’s MP3 player duel with Apple. However Apple is holding it’s ground and the growth in the Zune’s sales are from the sales of other MP3 players. The Apple iPod is the “cool” gadget to own among high school students around America.