Will You Be Able To Play Xbox Live Games On The Zune HD?

A lot of Xbox news was forthcoming from Microsofts recent press conference at E3. There was some information on Zune video streaming as well. Interestingly Amazon.com seems to have made its own announcement. In the Zune HD listing on Amazon, they talk about access to millions of videos, TV shows and games from Xbox Live 720P HD video in the list of their product features.Microsoft has also announced that Zune video in 1080p HD will be available for Xbox Live subscribers beginning this fall. As per their announcements a wide movie and TV show selection would be available from Zune Video on the Xbox 360 for instant start and stream. The video quality would be extremely high and all it would take would be one push of the button.No more discs, no more waiting time for downloads. No more delays. A video megastore selection with the best video quality awaits owners of the Xbox. Microsoft is doing a great job of synchronizing its products. This is the stuff that brands are made of. This is the stuff that great deals are made of. Definitely a win for the customer.