Competition for the Zune HD

There are many people who have found the Zune a refreshing change from the iPod since its launch. Some of the features introduced to make the Zune better have disappointed. However the Zune HD is a gadget that fails to disappoint. It may not drive the iPod Touch off the planet. It does deliver a smashing music experience nevertheless.

The Zune spells wealth, style and sexiness. Although more angular than the iPod Touch, this device feels good and can lay flat. The other features are all improvements. There is really not much I can complain about on the Zune. Microsoft may complain, however, because Samsung seems to be aping them!
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How the Microsoft Zune Scores Over The Apple iPod and Vice Versa

My last post saw strong opinionated comments from iPodders. You are welcome. However just to set the record straight, I would like to mention the ways in which the Zune is superior to the iPod and vice versa.

The iPod is not set up to support subscription music services. The Zune scores in this department. The iPod can only be used to play music that is bought or stolen. With the Zune on the other hand you have access to a huge music library with the Zune Pass. With the Zune Pass you can save hundreds of dollars on music.
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Apple iPod Vs Microsoft Zune

The Apple iPod is under attack from a shark called Microsoft. Recently the upgraded Zune player and an approach that targets social networking sites are Microsoft’s new weapons agains the Apple iPod. Microsoft is hitting Apple where it hurts the most. People are puzzled about the hardware and subscription service of the Zune, but Microsoft’s new aim is to be be with their users all their time.

In order to further this strategy, Microsoft has taken over Facebook and other technology companies important to their strategy. The Zune is now marketed by cell phone carriers and the smart card includes the music widget concept.
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Apple and Microsoft. The Neverending Story.

The battle between the Apple and Microsoft seems to be one that will unfortunately be inevitable as more and more generations of the two players are produced.

The US Patent & Trademarket Office on March 1, 2007 granted Apple regarding the double shot effect that we see in the Brown and the Black Zunes today. Unfortunately, Apple applied for such a patent back in 2005 – a year before the Zune was even announced – and with the patent now being granted, it seems as if Microsoft may hit a hard sales block.

Zune Doubleshot Effect

If excluding the Wi-Fi features, Microsoft has been revered for their creativity with the double shot effect. But unfortunately, with the patent now being released nearly five months after the release of the Zune, it makes us wonder if we’ll see such an effect with the next-gen Zunes.

[Patent Link]

Touchscreen iPod Due November!

Microsoft’s biggest rival in the music player market, Apple, seems as if they’ll be launching the much anticipated Touchscreen iPod this November.

According to our reliable buddies at Gizmodo, Apple is trying extremely hard to release this product.

There still are no real hard information regarding iPod being able to support wireless capabilities, but in a few weeks, we’re sure that Apple will bring some sort of news.

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