New 4GB and 8GB Zune Players!

The new Zune players have been released by Microsoft to retailers. In addition the software for both players and PC’s has been updated. These 4GB and 8GB players represent the inception of flash Zunes. They have the same Wi-Fi support, FM radio and video playback. The resolution and feature set is great as usual.

There is a new concept Zune pad. This is a hybrid controller that allows users to click or swipe the surface in order to navigate menus. In addition users can wirelessly sync content.
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Digital entertainment has evolved just as humans have. Like humans. the finest of the species have trekked the long road to perfection, digital entertainment has had a period of evolution as well. From the neanderthal beginnings of digital entertainment – the idiot box and DVD players, which could not be at many places at one time, to the Windows Media Center.

Soon after came wireless networking with its 802.11G and 802.11n standards that were fast enough for streaming video. All you had to do to watch is connect through wi-fi even in different rooms and watch all around the house.
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Red Zune 80 GB On The Way

With excitement for the new Zune picking up, the Zune 80 GB is being made available in red through Zune Originals. This is in good time for Valentine’s Day when many such Zunes would probably be gifts.

With love and sharing as themes, 20 new laser engraved designs, part of an exclusive collection will now be available for a limited time to consumers. The address you can get these at is There will also be Valentine’s Day playlists at the Zune Marketplace which can be shared with friends and loved ones through the Zune Social online music community or ZUne to Zune.
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Microsoft Zune: Who’s Laughing Now?

The Apple-Microsoft wars are heating up and things are not so good whichever side you are on. If you are in the Zune pack, you will be hard pressed to get one this season. If you are in the Apple pack, you will just watch the Microsoft guy buying a Zune, cheaper, more functional, better.

A 16GB Apple iPod Touch will set you back by $399! On the other hand for $249 you can buy a Microsoft Zune  with 80 GB of storage space!
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The Zune is The New Bestselling MP3 Player on Amazon

Amidst a number of rave reviews the new Zune is the number one bestselling MP3 Player in the bestseller list.

Microsoft has worked hard and learned from customer reviews to produce a great gadget. Although the overall sales of Zune trail Apple by quite a bit, the Zune has surprised many by it’s sellability.
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The New Zunes: Differing Views

After the release of the new Zunes last week everyone has been wondering whether they are really competition to the iPod. According to Microsoft, they would be happy with just second place this year.

According to some responses, the large flash based Zune still sports a smaller screen than the new iPod Nano and this makes it less than the Nano in a sense. The iPod has been a leader for some time and the new Zunes are not superior to the iPod in any way according to some.
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Zune’s Customized Personal Logos

Microsoft Zune is now allowing you to customize your very own personal logo on your Zune device.  Before, you used to have to buy skins to cover your Zune device, sort of like a mini-jacket, to give it an appealing look.  Now, the Zune manufacturer can print whatever logo you want on your Zune for you when you purchase it.  Just imagine a more clean- cut look for your Zune with personalized information or logo on it to give it an even more trendy look.  All of this means that it’ll create more demands from students because they can print their school names on it.

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